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Welcome to the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College (TCICC), the premier tertiary Education Institution in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Established by Ordinance 25 of 1994, the mission of the College is to “provide post-secondary and continuing education for school leavers and adults, in order to promote their personal and professional development, and the social and economic development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

Offerings a plethora of courses and programmes to achieve its mission, the College is very intentional in its desire to continuously recreate itself by providing cutting edge technologies and strategies, delivered by a cadre of gifted and competent lecturers from the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Caribbean Region, the United Kingdom and the Americas.

The TCICC has a proud history of providing the Turks and Caicos Islands and beyond, with many of its finest graduates, now considered industry leaders in their respective vocations.  The motto of the TCICC, DARING TO ASPIRE, DETERMINED TO SUCCEED, beckons and challenges its faculty, staff and students to ‘dare to go beyond what is expected and aspire to explore new frontiers, always with a determination to succeed at whatever we undertake to do. Those cogent, reflective and intentional words of our motto have motivated both staff and students to understand and accept the immediacy of the transformative power of education,

As President of this noble institution, I am committed to fostering a desire for teaching and learning at our institution.  I am committed to being innovative with programmes of national interest while allowing for creativity that meets staff and students’ sensibilities and inclinations through curriculum development, social and cultural activities and the creation of a TCICC culture.  I am committed to creating a College of excellence, where students learn in a safe and invigorating environment.  My staff and I are aspiring to create a ‘fit focus’ at our TCICC, not just because it is a good thing, but because it is the RIGHT thing.  We are determined to succeed!

A TCICC education must be the desire of every Turks and Caicos Islander – students in our schools as well as adults in our communities.  We are here to ensure that every Turks and Caicos Islander and others, have opportunities to develop a skill, to upgrade current work practices and to become innovative participants in, and contributors to, the development of these Beautiful by Nature Islands, we call home.

It is with profound pleasure that I welcome you to our TCICC family, where every student is greeted with warmth and sincerity; where the very student is encouraged to give of his/her best; where every student is known and individually coached; where every student is someone special.

Education at the TCICC is like nothing you have experienced before.  Here at your TCICC you will meet the ‘coolest’ lecturers you will ever want to be around, and a community of learners who enjoy each other and live as a family.  And by the way, a visit to your President’s office is a must, just for a chat.  If you do not find it, I will find you under the tree or at the domino table where we will talk TCICC.  We are a family! We are TCICC!

Welcome home!!!

Your president
Dr. Hubert A. Fulford

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