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Specially Admitted Students


Candidates may be admitted to pursue selec……,,  Specially Admitted Students may register for online/blended and face-to-face courses and are permitted to write examinations. Specially Admitted Students normally must meet matriculation requirements.

Information on Eligibility

The following persons are eligible for special admission:

  1. AAAA;
  2. BBBBB;
  3. cccc.


Information on Requirements

  • Applications for special admission must be made on the appropriate form.
  • To be considered for entry as a Specially Admitted students, applicants should normally be eligible to matriculate into programmes at The Turks and Caicos Islands Community Collage (TCICC).
  • Those students who do not satisfy the requirements for entry to the college should provide satisfactory evidence of their previous studies. In appropriate cases they may be required to ……
  • Specially Admitted students shall be required to pay the appropriate fees.
  • Such students shall be required to comply with the General Regulations for Students.
  • Normally, a Specially Admitted student is allowed to take no more than (n) credits in any given year and no more than a total of n credits under this category of registration.
  • Specially Admitted students are permitted to write to TCICC examinations appropriate to the course(s) they have been allowed to pursue.
  • For Specially Admitted students, membership of TCICC shall be subject to satisfactory reports on their work and conduct.
  • The credits obtained through special admissions can be counted towards TCICC certification  programmes provided that they have been obtained within such time limits as are set from time to time by the institution.


Specially Admitted Application Deadline Dates :

Please the Academic Calendar for deadlines for each semester.

Link to Academic Calendar

Link to Specially Admitted Application form

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