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VP Samuel Forbes

Mr Samuel Forbes

Vice President

I deem it a distinct pleasure to welcome you to the TCICC through this medium. The TCICC was established, by law, in the Turks And Caicos Islands in 1994 with the intent to positively impact the growth and development of our various countries through the providing of quality tertiary and continuing education, to all who seek to pursue personal, educational and intellectual development. Additionally, it provides opportunities for skills training as a part of its mandate to meet the needs of the individual and society.

The college has proven to be productive and effective over its short lifetime, producing alumni that figure prominently in both the Public and Private sector and organizations.

As the college seeks to continue its quest to provide holistic development opportunities to individuals choosing it as a preferred institution, and in keeping with technological development, we have redesigned this website to provide as much information, on continued bases, to all who seek avenues to pursue studies at the TCICC. We offer a variety of programs with well internationally qualified staff. We also have the capacity to design and introduce new programmes, on demand, providing the number of candidates warrant it. Additionally, short courses, workshops and seminars can be customized to meet the needs of organizations and groups of persons.

The Information provided through this website is purposed with you in mind as you seek to obtain the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to access the many opportunities present in today’s societies. Attending TCICC is the best choice you can make at this time. So take your time to browse the site, and if by chance your search here does not reveal what you are looking for, our friendly staffs are available at the contacts provided to help you. Enjoy your search and may it prove satisfactory in your quest to better yourself.  Samuel E. Forbes (Mr.)



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