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Mrs. Malini Gowda Message

Chair of Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education

Welcome to the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education, TCI Community College. Under this Faculty we are offering TWO years Associate Degree Programs in Architectural Building and Design Technology and Automotive Engineering Technology. The faculty remains as the main faculties providing the nation with qualified Engineers. The Faculty targets persons desirous of developing Scientific and Analytical Skills.

The aim of the Architectural Building and Design Technology program is to set foundation for a broader perspective for our students. The courses will enable the graduate to work in related areas or continue towards a bachelor’s program in an associated field of Technology such as Construction Management, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Land Surveying, Urban Planning, Estimation and Costing etc. The Building Technician graduating with an Associate Degree in Building and Design Technology, will be able to undertake work requiring a knowledge of drafting, construction materials, mechanical and structural systems, estimating, site and building design fundamentals and presentation methods, building codes and specifications, and computer applications.

The Aim of the Automotive Engineering Technology program is to provide training in the basic fundamentals in diagnosis and repair including heating and cooling system, electrical systems, wheels and tires, steering and suspension, brakes, engines, fuel, exhaust and emissions and drive train. The terminal objectives sections are Orientation, Safety, Hand tools, Engine Operation, Engine Measurement and Performance, Engine Types, Engine Design, Engine Construction, Ignition and Electrical Systems, Fuel System and Carburetion, cooling systems, Brake Systems, Frames, Springs and Suspension Systems and Running System. Our Program can prepare students for work as automotive service technicians and mechanics in repair shops and dealerships. In the near Future, We are also looking forward to prepare students to enter the automotive repair field by studying major automotive systems, the procedures for servicing those systems, diagnosing customer concerns and suggesting service solutions to those concerns while working towards ASE (national Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) Certification.

At present we are offering only Associate Degree, which provides matriculation status for our students into the Bachelor’s Degree Program.

The close ties of the faculty with the local community, the opportunities for internships and international mobility and the focus of the program on skills such as complexity management, critical thinking and creativity, enhance graduates’ competitive advantage in the job market.

I recommend you to look over these webpages and learn more about the opportunities, the TCICC offers at both Associate Degree and Bachelor’s degree level.


Take Care,
Mrs. Malini Gowda
Chair of Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education


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