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Mr Jason Henery

Mr Jason Henry Message

COF Humanities and Liberal Studies

It is my pleasure to welcome you as Chair of Faculty of the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Studies (FHLS). The FHLS recognizes the significance of having a tertiary education for nation building and professional development. Our mission is simple: to prepare students as researchers, leaders and policymakers – to identify, understand and solve complex problems facing society; striving to become agents of positive social change.

The FHLS offers three Associate Degree Programmes (General Studies – Humanities; Social Work and Criminal Justice) and one Bachelor Degree Programme (Social Work). All of our programmes will assist you in understanding the critical role education plays in identifying complex problems and challenges and developing strategies and solutions to address these problems and challenges moving forward. No matter the Programme you choose, you will be prepared to make a meaningful difference in local and global social, economic and political areas.

Our programmes are uniquely delivered by our lecturers’ commitment to the best quality educational experiences for our students. Our lecturers are exceptionally trained in their academic disciplines and utilize communicative-interactive methodologies in actively engaging with their students.

We also offer an opportunity for students to use their theoretical training through their engagement in practicum experiences with various human services organizations. These practicum experiences have been beneficial to both students and the organizations, in providing students with examples of best practices and skills, as well as offering organizations the opportunity to be mentors.

I am excited to welcome you to the FHLS and I look forward to witnessing your transformation as positive agents of change; equipped with the requisite skills to address the complex challenges and problems facing the world today. Even more, I look forward to seeing the personal development that you will gain at your tenure at the TCICC.

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Best Regards,

Mr. Jason Henry
Chair of Faculty of the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Studies (FHLS)

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