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Mr Alex Jones Message

COF Natural and Applied Sciences 

Welcome to the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

We as a faculty seek to create and promote ethical, competent and engaged global citizens, able to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing word.  We pursue this high ideal in our research, teaching and through community and civic engagement, by drawing on the complementary strengths of our past.

As the Chair of this vital faculty, I am inspired by my colleagues from different parts of the world and our students.  I am proud of the ways that we as a faculty work individually and collectively to generate research matters, and to produce and share knowledge that enables our students to effectively engage society as competent global citizens, as well as successful and fulfilled professionals.

Please look over the webpages and learn more about the opportunities that Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences has to offer in the associates degree.

The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences (click here)


Best regards,

Mr. A. Jones
Chair of Faculty
Natural and Applied Sciences
Turks and Caicos Islands Community College
Turks and Caicos Islands

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