College Month 2021

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Student FocusFebruary 281 March  Social Media Launch2 Dean’s List Spotlight   TCICC to speak with students from Thelma Lightbourne Primary School about Poetry3 Dean’s List Spotlight   PRO’s Virtual Q&A session with Raymond Gardiner High School4 FOHTM’s Virtual attendance to the Jamaica Tourism Product Development Company Ltd Expo

Dean’s List Spotlight    
5 ”Fridays with the COFs” Interview with Mrs. Gowda6 “College News” – Interview with Ms. Quintisha Forbes
Faculties78 Public Holiday – Commonwealth Day9 Launch of Alumni Connect with special section on Interview with Alumnus Mrs. Kirby Mae Been-Fulford11 Virtual School visit with Marjorie Basden High School12 ”Fridays with the COFs” Interview with Mrs. Robinson and Team13 “College News”
Outreach14151617 Interview with Alumnus Chef Wilkiens Martin1819 ”Fridays with the COFs” Interview with Mr. Menelik Astwood20 “College News”
Alumni21222324 Interview with Alumnus Mr. Dekkel Simmons25 College Gift Day26 ”Fridays with the COFs” Interview with Mr. Henry27 “College News”
The Way Forward2829 Spring Semester Break30 Spring Semester Break31 Interview with TCICC Students Mrs. Natacha Prosper   Spring Semester BreakApril 12 ”Fridays with the COFs” Interview with Ms. Creary 

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