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Welcome to the faculty of Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College.

For the past two decades Computers and Electronic Technologies have revolutionized our world as we know it and will continue to serve as the core of all technologies in the 21st century. To prepare the future leaders for these innovations, I am proud to be the chair of a faculty which now offer Bachelor’s degrees (in conjunction with CCCJ) in Information Technology and Management Information Systems.  Associates degrees and certificates in three traditional academic disciplines: Computer Science, Computer & Electronics engineering, and Electrical Engineering. These disciplines are highly synergetic, and the fact that they are together in a single faculty gives us a unique advantage in making new discoveries and creating an innovative curriculum. We also offer GCE “A” Level Certificates in Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics.

All degree programs combine the teaching of core theoretical principles with hands-on laboratory experience, preparing students for exciting careers in industry and academia.

Come be part of and achieve in the faculty: come visit us and find out what opportunities we can present you as a prospective student; let us help you to develop your ideas and skills; explore with us the latest concepts, trends and developments in the technology industry. We are always ready to have an exchange on any of the issues related to the building of the faculty and will try to make these topics equally exciting to you.

Please take a look at the website for information about our programs, and faculty. If you have questions or comments, please contact me at

I hope to see you here.


Menelik Astwood
Lecturer and Chair

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