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Programme Rationale

The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSc. SW) will enhance skills needed for individuals to improve the quality of their lives, groups and communities. Armed with an arsenal of skilled-based instruction, the BSc. SW is expected to provide knowledge and skills to assist individuals to resolve social problems, as well as further social development, improve social justice and advance human rights agendas.

Internationally, social workers perform essential roles in helping individuals confront social and economic problems with the intention of improving their quality of life. Additionally, this social work degree will create pathways to careers in government and non-government entities as well as welfare and community-based organisations.


Programme Description

The BSc SW programme has been designed to assist students who wish to develop skills in social work which they can utilise in various human service agency settings. As such, the programme is designed to expose students to social work theories, principles and practices of international standards. At the end of the programme, successful graduates will receive the Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work (BSc SW).


Programme Objectives

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Communicate and contextualize the value and role of social work in community and professional environments;
  2. Prepare for professional social work practise through practicum placements;
  3. Apply knowledge from related disciplines of the social sciences that inform social work;
  4. Critically analyse contemporary social-related problems in the Caribbean and how these are related to the field of social work;
  5. Assess areas of human rights, families and relationships, child services, youth services and how these relate to social work principles and practices;
  6. Apply knowledge of principles of social work in casework and case management;
  7. Prepare for community and place-based practice with an emphasis on team-building skills for social workers;
  8. Display advanced communication skills for social work and human services;
  9. Critique social theories related to mental health and social well-being;
  10. Discuss principles, planning and practice of disaster health management;
  11. Investigate social issues related to social work through research methods for professional practice
Year Semester Course Code Course Name Credits
Year 3 Semester 1 COM3311 Administrative Communication 3
Year 3 Semester 1 SWK3314 Introduction to Child and Family Services 3
Year 3 Semester 1 SWK3315 Research Methods 3
Year 3 Semester 1 SWK3311 Social Work and Human Rights 3
Year 3 Semester 1 SWK3312 Social Work, Families and Relationships 3
Year 3 Semester 1 SWK3313 Working in Human Service Organisations 3
Year 3 Semester 2 SWK3325 Contemporary Social Issues in the Caribbean 3
Year 3 Semester 2 SWK3323 Introduction to Community and Place-Based Practice (Updated 2019) 3
Year 3 Semester 2 MTH3311 Introduction to Operation Research (Ver 1.2 – 2020) 3
Year 3 Semester 2 SWK3322 Principles in Casework and Case Management (Updated 2019) 3
Year 3 Semester 2 SWK3321 Social Work and Youth Services 3
Year 3 Semester 2 SWK3324 Team Building Practice Skills for Social Workers (Updated 2019) 3
Year 3 Semester 3 SWK3331 Social Work Field Education I (Updated 2019) 3
Year 4 Semester 1 COM4411 Advanced Communication for Social Work and Human Services (Ver 1.1 2020) 3
Year 4 Semester 1 SWK4415 Child Protection and Family Practice 3
Year 4 Semester 1 SWK4413 Disaster Health: Principles, Planning and Practice 3
Year 4 Semester 1 SWK4414 Health, Wellbeing and Social Work 3
Year 4 Semester 1 SWK4411 International Social Work 3
Year 4 Semester 1 SWK4412 Youth Services Practice 3
Year 4 Semester 2 SWK4422 Advanced Social Work Project (Updated 2019) 3
Year 4 Semester 2 SWK4423 Community Development 3
Year 4 Semester 2 SWK4421 Mental Health and Social Work 3
Year 4 Semester 2 SWK4424 Social Policy Analysis 3
Year 4 Semester 2 SWK4425 Social Work and Trauma-Informed Care 3
Year 4 Semester 2 SWK4426 Social Work Field Education II (Updated 2019) 3