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Welcome to the Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism. All our programmes are designed to meet current and future needed skills to eventually assume leadership roles in this dynamic hospitality industry. The Curriculum offers a wide range of courses, specifically meeting the requirements of hotels, restaurants, and tourism entities in this field. 

The program provides students with the practical skills and knowledge required to enter the industry.  The programme also allows experts from the TCI Industry to be guest speakers in order to enhance existing skills. With this, it is hoped to satisfy the growing demand for creative and innovative people in the hospitality industry. The first year emphasizes basic theoretical methods and principles, proper use of tools and equipment procedures, whilst the 2nd year gives students more Management principle techniques and financial operations, know-how or supervisory positions. Continuance into the Bachelor’s programme becomes a key element that leads to managerial jobs.  Another key asset for pursuing these programmes is to provide upgraded skills and competencies for those already in the industry for upward mobility in their organizations.

As the Programme explores the history of the tourism, food service industry and hospitality hotel and managerial development. It delves into the personal and educational resources needed to become versed in needed skills for this local tourism field. In the end, the student is prepared to become a positive contributor in the field of hospitality and Food & Beverage leading eventually to a management position. 





  1. Certificate: One-Year Certificate Program in:
  2. Associate Degree: Two-Year Associate Degree in:
  3. Bachelor’ Degree: Two-Year Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in:


Ms Michelle Hosten (Chair)
Mrs. Aneka Hutchinson, MSc (Deputy Chair)
Ms Berverly John, MSc.
Mr. Jeddrick L. Taylor, MSc.


All applicants must submit an application on the TCICC application form, which is obtainable from the Administrative Office. Applicants for admission can only be considered upon full completion of the form and presentation of all specified documentation.

Required documentation:

  • Copy of official transcript from High School
  • Copies of High School Diploma
  • Copies of Academic Certificates (CXC, GCE, )
  • Birth Certificate or Passport (photograph page)
  • Proof of residence status in the Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Two (2) passport size photos
  • Any other qualification as may be determined by the College for specific


Applicants for the Associate Degree Programmes must satisfy the following requirements:

  • A minimum of five (5) GCE/CXC at General Proficiency, one of which should be in the field of interest, plus English A and Mathematics, with grades I, II or III or GCE grades A, B or C. Students without Mathematics must complete the College Foundation Math (MTH 1110 and MTH 1120).

Applicants for the Pre College I must satisfy 2 CXC passes or less and Pre College II; a minimum of three (3) GCE/CXC passes, one of which should be in the field of interest, plus English at General Proficiency level I, II or III or GCE grades A, B or C.

Candidates who do not possess the direct entry requirements into the Associate Degree programme may achieve this status by successfully completing the College preparatory programme. Students applying through the Mature Student Entry policy should be twenty-one (21) years or older with at least (4) years’ work experience and a sound educational background. A Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) portfolio may be required.

On approval of admission, applicants must then REGISTER IN PERSON DURING THE DAYS AND TIMES SET BY THE COLLEGE

Students may also pay via the College’s CIBC FirstCaribbean account 1596776; please include name and what is being paid for – e.g. application, registration, tuition. Please provide that information to the Cashier for the update.

Upon payment of tuition and fees, students will receive from the Registrar a permit to enter the first class of each course.

Students are asked to follow the following procedure to register for classes at the beginning of each term:

  1. Refer to the Academic Calendar or   contact   the   College   for registration
  2. Obtain approval of admission before
  3. Study the course offerings for the term and pay special attention to what is involved in your programme along with your personal
  4. Seek advice from the Academic Dean or the Chair of Faculty of the area related to your
  5. A full-time student must carry at least 12 credits per






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