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The Faculty of Business Administration prepares students to be functional and competent contributors to the business environment. It contributes to students’ general foundation of business knowledge and practices. The programmes provide students with a combination of theoretical and practical skills, including an understanding of how businesses are organised, managed and function within the larger economic, social, legal and political context.  

Here at the TCICC, the faculty of Business Studies prepares students for Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor’s, degree programmes.

 Programme levels include:

The faculty of Business Administration offers a 35 credit – hour certificate in Business studies, 76 credit-hour Associate Degree in Business Studies, and a 72 credit- hour bachelor’s degree in Business Administration programme.

The Certificate and Associate Degree programmes prepare students for immediate employment, as well as transfer to specific Bachelors Programmes. The Bachelor’s Degree programme offers students the opportunity to specialize in areas which best respond to the needs of the business environment and their own particular interests.

Grand Turk Campus
Ms Suzette Creary MBA (Chair)
Ms Chantel Jack
Ms Denese Sterling
Mr Patroy Montaque

Providenciales Campus
Ms Stacy Lawrence (Deputy Chair)
Mrs Cerease Nevins-Bennett
Ms Jeanelle Baron
Ms Trudy Cox



All applicants must submit an application on the TCICC application form, which is obtainable from the Administrative Office. Applicants for admission can only be  considered upon  full completion of the form and presentation of all specified documentation.

Required documentation:

  • Copy of official transcript from High School
  • Copies of High School Diploma
  • Copies of Academic Certificates (CXC, GCE, etc.)
  • Birth Certificate or Passport (photograph page)
  • Proof of residence status in the Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Two (2) passport size photos
  • Any other qualification as may be determined by the College for specific programmes.


Applicants for the Associate Degree Programmes must satisfy the following requirements:

  • A minimum of five (5) GCE/CXC at General Proficiency, one of which should be in the field of interest, plus English A and Mathematics, with grades I, II or III or GCE grades A, B or C. Students without Mathematics must complete the College Foundation Math (MTH 1110 and MTH 1120).

Applicants for the Pre College I must satisfy 2 CXC passes or less and Pre College II; a minimum of three (3) GCE/CXC passes, one of which should be in the field of interest, plus English at General Proficiency level I, II or III or GCE grades A, B or C.

Candidates who do not possess the direct entry requirements into the Associate Degree programme may achieve this status by successfully completing the College preparatory programme. Students applying through the Mature Student Entry policy should be twenty-one (21) years or older with with at least (4) years’ work experience and a sound educational background. A Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) portfolio may be required.

On approval of admission, applicants must then REGISTER IN PERSON DURING THE DAYS AND TIMES SET BY THE COLLEGE

Students may also pay via the College’s CIBC FirstCaribbean account 1596776; please include name and what is being paid for – e.g. application, registration, tuition. Please provide that information to the Cashier for the update.

Upon payment of tuition and fees, students will receive from the Registrar a permit to enter the first class of each course.

Students are asked to follow the following procedure to register for classes at the beginning of each term:

  1. Refer to the Academic Calendar   or   contact   the   College   for registration dates.
  2. Obtain approval of admission before registration.
  3. Study the course offerings for the term and pay special attention to what is involved in your programme along with your personal responsibilities.
  4. Seek advice from the Academic Dean or the Chair of Faculty of the area related to your programme.

A full-time student must carry at least 12 credits per semester.

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