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Course CodeCourse NameCredits
ENG0110Basic English I0
BST0113Introduction to Office Administration I0
BST0112Introduction to Principles of Accounts I0
BST0111Introduction to Principles of Business I0
MTH0110Preparatory Mathematics I0
ENG0120Basic English II0
BST0123Introduction to Office Administration II0
BST0122Introduction to Principles of Accounts II0
BST0121Introduction to Principles of Business II0
MTH0120Preparatory Mathematics II0
ENG1111Business and Technical English I3
MTH1110College Foundation Mathematics I3
CIS1110Introduction to Computers I3
BST1113Office Management3
BST1112Principles of Accounts I3
BST1111Principles of Business I3
ENG1122Business and Technical English II3
MTH1120College Foundation Mathematics II3
BST1122Principles of Accounting II3
BST1121Principles of Business II3
TCI1111TCI Studies for Certificate Programs2
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