This two-year programme provides training for persons interested in the Social Work Profession.



The TCICC Social Work Program seeks to educate highly competent, compassionate, committed and ethical associate level social workers so that they will be known by their ability to right social wrongs through empowerment of themselves and others. The motto of the Social Work Program is: “Be prepared to get involved!”



The goals of the TCICC Social Work Program, which flow from the above mission, amplifying it and delineating the primary aims of the Program are:

  • To prepare competent, compassionate and committed social workers grounded in the liberal arts tradition and in the fundamental values, knowledge and skills of the social work profession.
  • To prepare competent, compassionate and committed social workers for generalist social work practice with diverse client systems of various sizes and types.
  • To prepare competent and compassionate social workers who are committed to urban leadership, and righting social wrongs through empowerment of themselves and others.

Year 1 Semester 1 Credit Year 1 Semester 2 Credit
ENG2111 Introduction to Academic 3 ENG2122 Communication in Orgs. 3
Writing & Public Communication
MTH2117 Introductory Statistics 3 LAN 2101 Introductory Spanish 3
CIS2110 Introduction to Computers 3 SWK2121 Ethics for the Social and 3
Human Services
TCI2111 TCI Studies 2 SWK2122 Social Work Theory: 3
Principles & Practice I
SWK2111 Introduction to Social Work 3 SWK2123 Human Behaviour and 3
PSY2111 Introduction to Psychology 3
Total 17 Total 15


Year 1 Summer Session Credit
SWK2133 Social Work Practicum 3
Total 3


Year 2 Semester 1 Credit Year 2 Semester 2 Credit
SWK2211 Introduction to Sociology 3 SWK2221 Introduction to Caribbean 3
Social Welfare and Social
SWK2212 Social Work Theory: 3 SWK2222 Counselling and 3
Principles & Practice II Communication
SWK2214 Law for Social Workers 3 SWK2223 Introduction to Disability 3
SWK2215 Fundamentals of Social 3 NUR2110 Introduction to Anatomy 3
Research and Physiology
MGT2201 Intro. to Administrative 3 PSY2216 Child, Adult and Social 3
Principles & Practices Problems
SWK2200 *Practicum II (Case SWK2200 *Practicum II (Case 3
Study) Study)
Total 15 Total 18

* SWK2200: Practicum II (Case Study) 3 Hours will run for the two semesters of Yr 2