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Course CodeCourse NameCredits
ITS2123Intro. the Internet & Web Page Development (updated 2019)3
MTH2111College Algebra3
BIO2111General Biology I3
PHY2112General Physics I3
ENG2111Introduction to Academic Writing3
CIS2110Introduction to Computers II3
CHM2111Physical Chemistry I3
ENG2122Comm. in Organizations & Public Communication3
BIO2122General Biology II3
PHY2124General Physics II3
CHM2122Inorganic Chemistry3
RES2111Introduction to Research2
MTH2126Mathematics for Science Students3
CHM2123Organic Chemistry I3
PHY2214Oscillations & Waves3
CHM2214Physical Chemistry II3
MTH2216Probability & Statistics3
TCI2111TCI Studies2
PHY2216Thermal & Mechanical Properties of Matter3
PHY2227Electronics and Communications Systems3
CHM2225Environmental Chemistry3
BIO2226Human Health & Disease3
MTH2226Mathematical Methods3
CHM2226Organic Chemistry II3
CHM2220Practical Course/Project (Updated 2019)2
BIO2220Practical Course/Project (Updated 2019)2
PHY2220Practical Course/Research Project (Updated 2019)2
PHY2224Quantum Nuclear & Medical Physics3
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