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COM3311Administrative Communication3
MTH2111College Algebra3
ENG2111Introduction to Academic Writing3
CIS2110Introduction to Computers II3
ECN2110Introduction To Economics I4
LAW2111Introduction to Law Legal System3
POL2111Introduction to Politics I3
SOC2111Introduction to Sociology3
ENG2122Comm. in Organizations & Public Communication3
ECN2123Introduction To Economics II4
POL2122Introduction to Politics II3
RES2111Introduction to Research2
LAW2122Machinery Justice & Legal Personnel3
SOC2122Social Theories and Issues3
TCI2111TCI Studies2
ECN2210Advanced Economics I5
SOC2212Global Development in Sociology3
POL2211Government & Politics in the Caribbean I3
POL2212Introduction to International Relations3
LAW2212Law of Contract I3
LAW2211Law of Tort I3
SOC2211Perspectives on Education in Society3
ECN2223Advanced Economics II5
POL2222Contemporary Political Thought3
LAW2221Criminal Law3
POL2221Government & Politics in the Caribbean II3
LAW2222Law of Tort II3
SOC2222Sociology and Religion3
SOC2221Sociology and The Media3
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