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Course CodeCourse NameCredits
ECE2112Child Development (Birth – 8years)3
MTH2111College Algebra3
RES2111Introduction to Research2
ECE2111Philosophical Foundations of Early Childhood3
TCI2111TCI Studies2
ENG2116Use of English I3
EDU2128Field Experience I (Updated 2019)1
MTH2113Mathematics for Educators4
ECE2122Pedagogical Strategies in Early Childhood3
EDU2129Personal & Professional Development (updated 2019)3
EDU2125Technology in Education (New)3
ENG2126Use of English II3
ECE2213Creative Arts in the Early Childhood Classroom3
ECE2116Curriculum for Early Childhood Classroom3
ECE2212Field Experience 23
EDU2111Foundations of Literacy Development3
MTH2210Mathematics for Educators II3
ECE2211Science & Health in the E Childhood Classroom3
ECE2223Assessment in the Early Childhood Classroom3
ECE2224Exceptional Learners in the Early C Classroom3
ECE2222Social Stud. Methods in the E Childhood Classroom3
ECE2221Teaching Lang. Arts in the Early C Classroom (Updated)3
ECE2225Teaching Practicum5
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