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Course CodeCourse NameCredits
COM3311Administrative Communication3
MTH2111College Algebra3
CIS2115Internet Basic & Web Design in HTML3
CIS2116Intro to Programming Logic Using C++/Java3
ENG2111Introduction to Academic Writing3
RES2111Introduction to Research2
MTH2110Math for Computer Studies3
CIS2111Productivity Tools & Software3
ENG2122Comm. in Organizations & Public Communication3
CIS2123Database Application Development3
MTH2125Discrete Mathematics4
CIS2126Object-Oriented Programming Using C++/Java3
MTH2123Quantitative Techniques I3
CIS2120Web Page Design II (HTML & CSS)3
CIS2214Data Communication & Networking3
CIS2216Data Structures & Algorithms: C++/Java3
CIS2215Information Systems3
ACC2110Introduction to Accounting II3
CIS2212Introduction to Unix/Linux3
CIS2210Operating Systems3
TCI2111TCI Studies2
CIS2225Accounting Information Systems3
CIS2221Computers Architecture3
CIS2220Database Systems: SQL/Oracle3
PSY2111Introduction to Psychology3
CET2228PC Technology3
CIS2226PHP Programming3
CIS2222Project (New)3
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