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MTH2111College Algebra3
PHY2110College Physics I3
EET2111Electrical Circuit Principles I3
CIS2116Intro to Programming Logic Using C++/Java3
ENG2111Introduction to Academic Writing3
CIS2110Introduction to Computers II3
PHY2120College Physics II3
ENG2122Comm. in Organizations & Public Communication3
CET2122Digital Electronics I3
CET2121Electronic Devices I3
CIS2126Object-Oriented Programming Using C++/Java3
MTH2122Technical Mathematics3
MTH2214Calculus I3
CET2213Digital Electronics II3
CET2212Electronic Devices II3
CET2214Introduction to Personal Computers3
RES2111Introduction to Research2
MGT2211Supervisory Management3
TCI2111TCI Studies2
CET2225Networking Concepts3
CET2228PC Technology3
CET2227Student Project3
CET2224Telecommunications Techniques3
CET2226Troubleshooting Techniques3
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