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Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MTH2118Business Pre-calculus3
FAC2111Financial Accounting I3
ENG2111Introduction to Academic Writing3
CIS2110Introduction to Computers II3
RES2111Introduction to Research2
ECN2111Micro-Economics I3
BST2121Organizational Management3
TCI2111TCI Studies2
MTH2129Business Calculus4
ENG2122Comm. in Organizations & Public Communication3
BST2127Computerize Accounting (Updated 2019)3
FAC2122Financial Accounting II3
ECN2122Micro-Economics II3
BST2217Business Ethics3
SOC2210Business Sociology2
CMA2211Cost & Management Accounting I3
ITB2211Information Technology for Business I3
MKT2211Introduction to Marketing (Formerly MKT2220)3
ECN2211Macro-Economics I3
SOC2211Perspectives on Education in Society3
MTH2218Quantitative Techniques for Business I3
BNK2222Banking & Finance3
BCL2221Business & Corporate Law (Formerly BCL2211/2222)3
CMA2222Cost & Management Accounting II3
BUS2221Entrepreneurship & Business Practice (New)3
ITB2222Information Technology for Business II3
ECN2222Macro-Economics II3
MTH2228Quantitative Techniques for Business II3
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