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The Turks and Caicos Islands Community College is a teaching institution designed to cater to the educational needs of the post-secondary and adult population as much as its facilities permit. It provides education and training for persons who, upon graduating, are able to make a contribution to national development or proceed to further education.

To be considered for admission to the College’s Certificate and/or Associate Degree level programmes, a student should have graduated from High School with the required CXC/GCE passes and a High School Diploma, or be a transfer student in good standing from an accredited tertiary institution or a mature student. Students may decide to start their study in the Fall Semester or Spring Semester. Students who enter the College in the Spring Semester should bear in mind that some courses which have prerequisites may not be taken unless permitted by the COD and Dean.

To be considered for admission into the Bachelor Degree programme, a student should have an Associate Degree in the specific area; the absence of which will require specific bridging courses.

Applicants for the College Certificate programmes must have at least three passes at the CXC or GCE level and for the Associate Degree or Higher Certificate programme, a minimum of five CXC or GCE at General Proficiency, including English Language and Mathematics. Subject passes at the GCE level must be with a minimum of a grade “C” and with CXC, a minimum of a General Level 1, 2 or 3 (Level 3 effective 1998) with one of the passes in the selected area of study.

In the absence of English and/or Mathematics the student will be required to enroll in the college’s Foundation English and/or Mathematics at their OWN EXPENSE.

Mature student status requires that the applicant be 21 years old or over, have a minimum of three years relevant work experience and pass the College level placement test in English and Mathematics.

While there are no stipulated requirements for the enrichment/upgrading courses, however, some level of proficiency is expected.

Candidates who do not possess the direct entry requirements into the Certificate and Degree programmes may achieve this status by successfully completing the College Preparatory Programme or College upgrading/enrichment courses.

All applicants must submit an application on the TCICC College’s Application Form, which is obtainable from the Office of Admissions at the College. The completed application form with the specified documents should be submitted on or before the June 10th, for the Fall Semester and on or before the October 30th, for the Spring Semester.

Applications for admission can only be considered upon full completion of the form and presentation of all documents specified on the form.

For example:

  • Copy of official transcript from high school
  • Copies of High School Diploma
  • Copies of Academic Certificates (CXC, GCE, etc.)
  • Birth Certificate or Passport (Bio-data page)
  • Proof of residence status in the Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Two(2) passport size photos


Effective Fall 2016 $50 application fee and $100 late application fee will be applied.

On approval of admission, applicants must then REGISTER IN PERSON DURING THE DAYS AND TIMES SET BY THE COLLEGE.

Upon payment of tuition and fees, students will receive from the Registrar a permit to enter the first class of each course.

Students are asked to follow the following procedure to register for classes at the beginning of each semester.

  1. Refer to the calendar or contact the College for registration dates.
  2. Obtain approval of admission before registration.
  3. Study the course offerings for the semester and pay special attention to what is involved in your programme along with your personal responsibilities.
  4. Seek advice from the Academic Dean or the Chair of Department of the area related to your programme.
  5. A full-time student must carry at least 12 credits per semester.
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