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Nestled away at the north-eastern corner of Grand Turk, on a firm foundation, there she stands.  A symbol of strength and unity, a monument strong, a defender true, the nation’s hope restoring. 

Those words from the school’s song of the TCICC aptly describes this treasure, this enigma, this melting pot, and yes, this repository of knowledge where the lands caress the turquoise blue waters that lap at its shores.  Away from the hustle and bustle of life in town, our students find this campus an idyllic place and fertile ground to study, to congregate, to socialize, to fraternize, and to exchange ideas.  A place that once housed ‘men of war’ has now become a heaven for academic enterprise, development, tolerance, and peaceful co-existence.

The sprawling landscape, dotted with shrubbery, the contrasting stately grey buildings, tell a story of a long-ago time when the manicured lawns and tarred walkways were traversed by a few ‘lucky’ souls.  These now signal to islanders, great possibilities for growth, ownership, and responsible decision making.

Every day, Monday to Friday, at six in the morning, the gates are flung wide as a sign of welcome and opportunity for all.  The welcome is so all-embracing, that many marauding donkeys have perfected the art of crossing the ‘cattle grid’ as they too come to join our college family.  The wide gates also signal a ‘glad to see you, come on in’ to all.

TCICC is truly unique.  It is a welcoming place that ensures that every student is comfortably accommodated.  Competition can be very fierce at time, especially at the domino table or rushing to catch the bus.  Lecture time on the other hand almost always challenges students to work a little harder.  This is always possible as TCICC boasts of having the most sincerely committed and dedicated lecturers.

There is so much more to say about my TCICC, Grand Turk Campus, so let me encourage you at any time to stop by and give us a shout.  Better yet, why not join us, and then, like me, you can boast and proudly say, “I am TCICC”.  Hope to see you soon….

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